Lee Johnson 
Last updated: 02.07.22
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 16 works by Lee Johnson. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Parson Johnson's Chicken Brigade 1896 Carroll Johnson (perf.)  wvicon.gif
Rosie Deane (w&m) 1896 Carroll Johnson (perf.)  Pub.
Ma Caroline 1897
My Darktown Gal 1897  Pub.
Belle of Honolulu, The (w&m) 1898 Kelly & Violette (perf.)  wvicon.gif
My Honolulu Lady 1898  Pub.
Coralita 1899 Alice Nielsen (perf.)
Ma Honolulu Man (w&m) 1899 Carroll Johnson (perf.)  wvicon.gif
Mammy's Carolina Twins 1899 Josephine Gassman (perf.)
M. Irwin (perf.)
May Howard (perf.)
Minnie Palmer (perf.)
Remember She's My Sister 1899 Kelly & Violette (perf.)
Ola Hayden (perf.)
Lydie Barry (perf.)
Johnnie Carrol (perf.)
Clorine 1900  wvicon.gif
Rose of Killarney 1902 Maud Amber (perf.)  wvicon.gif
Don't Make Dem Scandalous Eyes at Me 1903  wvicon.gif
Flow'r of Kildare, The (w&m) 1914
Ramona (w&m) 1916  Pub.
On to Berlin 1918 J.C. Crisler (words)