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Planxty Irwin
Last updated: 22.01.22
After being enchanted by Fanny Power, I went on to work through all the other planxties written by Turlough O'Carolan to be found in O'Neills Music of Ireland. Planxty Irwin is fairly similar to and reminiscent of Fanny Power.
The tune/ song itself was composed for a patron, Colonel John Irwin (1680-1752) of Tanrego House (situated on Ballysodare Bay, in the townland of Tanrego West), County Sligo. The Irwin family were originally English grantees of lands in Ireland under the Cromwellian Settlement in the mid-17th century, expanded in settlement of arrears of military pay.
I love and am particularly taken by the final line of the lyrics - the ultimate oxymoron in this day and age:


The brave English Irelánder.
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  • Racha mé ar cuairt suas gan spás
  • Fá dhéin dhuine uasal suadhamhail sásta
  • An Coirneál suairc tá ar bhruach na trágha,
  • Sgéal dob' áil liom trácht air.
  • Fear nach leigionn sgith don chopán
  • Is anmhail leis ceól agus ól gan racán,
  • 'Sé seo Seón gan amhras,
  • An t-óigfhear Gaodhalach Gállta.
  • We will take our way without delay
  • To see a Noble, brave and gay,
  • The gallant Colonel near the sea,
  • Him I mean to treat of.
  • With mirth and joy he fills his glasses,
  • Delights to cheer both lads and lasses,
  • This is John I will answer,
  • The brave English Irelánder.
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youtube15.jpg Planxty Irwin (3:15) The Dubliners