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Boston City
Last updated: 11.04.22
This song, as so many, has been gleaned from Soodlum's 100 Irish Ballads Volume 1. I've never heard it sung and I sing only quite rarely myself. It is interesting from a social point of view, what with its good advice to walk the straight and narrow and its side-glance at the British Army in the shape of the "Royal Artillery". I do it at a jog-along pace taking plenty of time for histrionics ("... the tearing of her grey old locks").

On 6.3.2001, surfer Craig Young writes:
I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada which has it's roots deeply embedded in Ireland. Here is an extra verse for "Boston City"
I stepped on Board an East bound train, one cold December Day
And every station I did pass I could hear the people say
There goes the Boston Burgler in strong irons he is bound
For the breaking of the union bank he is sent to Charlestown
This song was titled "The Boston Burgler" as I was growing up in the little fishing village of Francois, Newfoundland. I can see that it was the same song. This is the fourth verse coming after "her old grey locks" and before "there is a girl in Boston...".

Thanks a lot Craig!

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