100 Irish Ballads Volume 1
Last updated: 04.05.20
Printed: 1981 Author:  
Publisher: Soodlum Music Co. Ltd. ISBN: 082560284X
Copyright: Soodlum 1981    
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100 Irish ballads with words, music and guitar chords.
Personal remarks
I purchased this item in Richmond, England in the early 1990's. This is amongst the best buys which I ever made and contains at least thirty of the songs to be found in my repertoire. For such a low-budget item, with its illustrations, brief notes, simple and clear arrangements and not forgetting the accompanying audio cassette it is clearly an absolute bargain. It also amusingly includes such songs as The Holy Ground, The Leaving of Liverpool, Nora, The Nightingale, The Banks of the Roses, I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen, High Germany, I'm a Rover, The Butcher Boy as well as many others. I've said it before, dear surfer, and I'll say it again. Any song and Irishman or Irishwoman sings is an Irish song! Of course it has the following number of IRISH songs in my repertoire: