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Walking on my feet
Last updated: 02.02.20
"Walking on my feet" can be found in The Great New Zealand Songbook .I was inspired to learn this song in quite a round-about way. Olaf Kock, an up-and-coming artist and musician in the Pinökel gang, has recently made a CD called "Pancake" and one of his songs on it is simply called "Walking". For some reason or other I was browsing through the "The Great New Zealand Songbook" when the similarity of the titles struck me. The tunes and lyrics of both songs are poles apart but the hypnotic rhythm of both songs are quite appealing. The old saw occurred to me that great minds think alike.
"Walking on my feet", by A.R.D. Fairburn and Les Cleveland, is quite difficult sing if one sticks religiously to the score. Nothing is really repeated and every few bars there are subtle differences to trap the unwary. It's a song, besides being great to sing, designed to keep a singer on his or her toes!