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Throw a handkerchief (diū shǒu jīn)
Last updated: 02.02.20
According to the footnotes given in Cindy Mao and Ma Baolin's Sing Chinese, "Throw a handkerchief" is a nursery rhyme telling of a popular children's game which is played by a group of children sitting in a circle facing each other. One child is selected to walk behind the circle with a handkerchief in hand. It is to be quietly placed behind one of the sitting kids, who must then quickly grab it, get up and catch the child. Otherwise he/she must walk behind the circle and do the same trick.
Little handkerchief is quietly diū shǒu jīn, diū shǒu jīn
Placed behind a little friend qīng qīng de fàng zài xiǎo péng yǒu de hòu miàn
No one must let him know. dà jiā bú yào gào sù tā
Get up and catch him fast. kuài diǎn kuài diǎn zhuō zhù tā.
Will you please catch him fast kuài diǎn kuài diǎn zhuō zhù tā.