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Song of the shepherd
Last updated: 02.02.20
In their cultural notes in Sing Chinese, Cindy Mao and Ma Baolin tell us that "Song of the shepherd" is a Kazak folk song. The song is of a happy shepherd on his horse near Tianshan Mountain, the most famous mountain in Xinjiang. The Xinjiang Autonomous Region is located in north-western China. It is mostly inhabited by national minorities such as Uygur and Kazak. It is also one of the areas in China that is famous for its folk songs. Most Xinjiang folk songs have joyful melodies.
For this is a yet another melody which goes well with concertina and recorder.
Red sun's rising up from Tianshan Mountain hóng tài yáng cōng tiān shān màn man de pá shàng
Wind is blowing on green grass. fèng chuī lǘ cāo cǎo er bǎ tóu yáng.
On a horse I weild a whip, taking the flock to the beach. qí shàng jùn mǎ yáng qǐ biān gān shàng niú yáng xià hé tān
I feel so happy singing a song chàng shàng yì shǒu er xīn huā kāi fàng