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Stringybark Creek
Last updated: 22.01.22
Stringybark Creek is a fine ballad on the dastardly deeds of the gang of bushrangers lead by Ned Kelly which finally lead to their downfall. Stringybark is the name of the creek where a mounted police patrol of a sergeant and three constables made their camp when hunting the Kellys. It seems from the song that they were over-confident and were caught unawares by the Kellys who then mercilessly hunted them down. Only one constable escaped, MacIntyre who had been left at Stringybark Creek, made his perilous escape. This deed was the turning point "that made men vow to shoot the Kellys down" as the song goes.
"Stringybark Creek" can be found in The Bushwackers Australian Song Book.
     Performer CD Title Supplier
cd15.gif The Bushwackers Great Bushwackers flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15ca.gif flag15es.gif
cd15.gif Soul Syndicate Ned Kelly flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15ca.gif flag15it.gif
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Stringybark Creek (3:28) Gary Shearston