The Bushwackers Australian Song Book
Last updated: 18.04.20
Printed: 1978 Author:  
Publisher: Anne O'Donovan Pty Ltd. ISBN: 0-908476-31-0
Copyright: Wositzky, Newton 1978    
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Publisher's blurb: "This best-selling song book has become a classic. Here are the words and music of all the most popular Australian songs - in a large clear presentation of melody and guitar chords for music stand, classroom or campfire."
Personal remarks:
This is one of the most treasured and used songbook in my library. A gift from Steve Kelly and his mate Simon, a pair of Victorians who were both wintering here in Vegesack, Germany, whilst standing by their yacht MARGAUX ROSE (later named LOUISIANA and owned by Alan Sugar) at the Rasmussen and Abeking shipyard in Lemwerder (near Bremen) in autumn 1993. This book formed the basis of my contribution to their Australia Day celebrations in 1994. This is a terrific songbook, highly informative and entertaining and I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is the source for: