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Learn the numbers
Last updated: 19.04.19
This is an absolutely delightful song that has given me great pleasure. In it, children are introduced to numbers by comparing each number with a well-known everyday object to whit: 1 looks like a chopstick, 2 like a little duck, 3 like a little comb, 4 like a little flag, 5 like a tiny hook, 6 like a little pear, 7 like a little scythe, 8 like a pair of rings, 9 like a little spoon and finally 0 like a tiny bean. By the description one notices of course that the numbers being taught are the Arabic numerals known to occidentals and not the Mandarin numerals which we disrespectfully called "icks" in the Royal Navy in the 1960's. The final lines are quite strange for occidental ears as they are devoted to thanking the teacher for his/her endeavours!
This song is as you already knew also to be found in Cindy Mao and Ma Baolin's Sing Chinese.