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An Irish Soldier Laddie
Last updated: 22.01.22
This a humdinger of a macho, rebellion song which make modern audiences cringe if they listen carefully to the words. In the second verse for instance:
    "It would be my pride and joy for to march with you today
    My young brother fell at Cork and my son at Enniscorthy"
One really has to remember that times were very much different when the song was written and much more so, the people. I personally like the song with its strident chorus, which I found in Soodlum's100 Irish Ballads Volume 2, but sing it only rarely, very much depending on the audience.
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cd15.gif Various Artists Songs of Irish Freedom, Volume 2 flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15ca.gif
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youtube15.jpg An Irish Soldier Laddie (2:24) Charlie & The Bhoys