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Heinerle, Heinerle, hab' kein Geld
Last updated: 22.01.22
I was introduced to the "Heinerle, Heinerle" by Susanne Wollin, a member of the The Vegesack Whalermen and Blue Monday, who wanted to sing this song with me on the occasion of her mother's sixtieth birthday in December 1999, the song being her mother's favourite. Our source was a scratchy old LP of light opera, secretly ensconced from her mother's collection, from which we transcribed the lyrics. We worked out a version for two penny whistles and two singers. The song is a duet between a penniless father with his little son who begs to buy him something from a fair in that very persistent way that only little children possess. The father remains sadly adamant however simply because he has absolutely no money at all.
In our version of this song, two performers both sing and play the penny whistle. As it is a duet, it is very easy because whilst the father sings the little boy plays and vice versa. The piece is further enhanced by a 4-bar penny whistle duet between the dramatic elements of the song. This is how light opera gets turned to folk-music, folks!. Susanne and I enjoyed it tremendously, great stuff!
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youtube15.jpg Heinerle, Heinerle, hab' kein Geld (2:56) Paul Hörbiger