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Going to school (shàng xué xiào)
Last updated: 12.01.22
In their cultural notes in Sing Chinese, Cindy Mao and Ma Baolin explain that Chinese schools have a very strict discipline. Students who are late for school can be punished in a variety of ways by their teachers. This song tells young children to love school life and study hard. It is intended for pre-school children or primary school students.
What a difference to school life here in Germany! The tune is bright and cheerful and somewhat at odds with the English translation of .. I love to learn and love to work. I'll serve the people when I grow up., in the original as sung by Cindy, however, both lyrics and melody are in perfect harmony.
Verse 1.
Sun is shining brighttài yáng dāng kōng zhào
flowers smile at mehuā er duì wǒ xiào
Little bird saying helloxiǎo niǎo shuō
wonders why I carry a little bag.nǐ wèi shén me bēi shàng xiǎo shū bāo
Verse 2.
I am going to schoolwǒ qù shàng xué dào
Never am I latetiā tiā bù chí dào
I love to learn and love to workài xué xí ài láo dòng
I'll serve the people when I grow upzhǎng dà yào wèi rén mín lì gōng láo
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Going to school (shàng xué xiào) (0:38) Siauw Foeng