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I have a pair of little hands
(wǒu yì shuāng xiǎo xiǎo shǒu)
Last updated: 02.02.20
In their cultural notes in Sing Chinese, Cindy Mao and Ma Baolin explain that most Chinese children's songs are both entertaining and educational. They tell of some common knowledge in everyday life. This song not only tells little kids that they have two hands and ten fingers, but that they need to be independent by doing there own things.
And all that in an eight-bar ditty, dear surfer! This song is also an ideal medium for learning music as it gently ascends and descends the scale of D between D and B.
Verse 1.
I've a pair of little hands.wǒu yì shuāng xiǎo xiǎo shǒu
One on left and one on right.yì zhī zuǒ lái yì zhī yòu
Little hands, little handsxiǎo xiǎo shǒu, xiǎo xiǎo shǒu
With ten fingers on two hands.yí gòng shí gè shǒ zhí tou
Verse 2.
With a pair of little handsyǒu le yì shuāng xiǎo xiǎo shǒu
I wash my face and brush my teeth.néng xǐ liǎn lái néng shù kǒ
Put on my clothes, comb my hairhuì chuān yī, huì shū tóu
I do my things by myself.zì ji shì qíng zì ji zuò