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Am Abend nach dem Lobgesang
Last updated: 30.01.20
I sang as a bass Am Abend nach dem Lobgesang EKG 549 and as a member of Die Zeitlupe at a memorable "Tischabendmahl" on Maundy Thursday in 2006 in Michaelskirche Bremen-Grohn.. It describes the intercourse between the Saviour and his disciples leading up to the Easter events.
It may be found in Evangelisches Gesangbuch, the words are by Detlev Block and the music by Herbert Beuerle. It has a whole 10 verses but generally only 2 or three are sung during a service. Generally too, the congregation will join the choir. On the occasion given above however, we the choir, had it to ourselves. Each verse ends with a wonderful Keri elision! (Lord, have mercy). A 4-part arrangement was written by Zeitlupe's leader, Jürgen Blendermann.
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Am Abend nach dem Lobgesang (3:43) Detlef Kkorsen