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Stehn zwei Stern am hohen Himmel
Last updated: 19.04.20
I had never heard or heard of "Stehn zwei Stern am hohen Himmel" until coming across it in Lieder, Songs und Gospels 1. This folksong from Westerwald is a slightly melancholic song of a young man separated very far away from his beloved. He sees two very bright stars in the night sky which makes him think of his beloved and what she is thinking in that moment. He finishes the song by declaring that nothing is finer than love. Quite right, too!
     Performer CD Title Supplier
cd15.gif Various Artists Mein Geschenk an dich Vol. 7 flag15us.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif
cd15.gif Montanara Chor Eine musikalische Reise durch die Heimat CD(s) & MP3 Album(s) flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15it.gif flag15es.gif
cd15.gif Hermann Prey Meine schönsten Lieder flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15ca.gif flag15es.gif
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Stehn zwei Stern am hohen Himmel (1:59) Hilde Brun