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Sheffield Park
Last updated: 11.10.23
Sheffield Park is one of three songs that I found at Yorkshire Garland to beef up my repertoire of Yorkshire songs. The other two are The Buffer Girls Song and My Bonny Yorkshire Lass,
Despite the fact that actual Sheffield Park is in the county of Sussex, the gentle folk at Yorkshire Garland have it that this is a traditional song about Yorkshire, collected in Yorkshire.
The song in six verses tells of Colin, a brisk young man who steals a maiden's heat. This is too much for the poor lass who begs her mistress to write a letter to him, not knowing whether he can read, about her waning health. Without waiting for an answer, the maiden wishes for a bed of leaves, a feather pillow and to be covered with leaves.
Writing in January 2021 after two COVID years, I wonder whether I will ever get around to performing this delightfully doleful, dirge in public. Who knows?
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audioextmp315.gif TYG: 39 Frank Hinchliffe
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pdf15.gif Sheffield Park (1794) Traditional (music) Score, Voice York Garland
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youtube15.jpg Sheffield Park (3:05) Pete Castle