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Johnny is a Roving Blade
Last updated: 10.03.22
I found "Johnny is a roving blade" in the Clancy Brother's The Irish Songbook and sing the Tommy Makem version fairly often. It's all about hard drinking, womanising and being happy under all circumstances, even in death. When asked what he would do when he dies, Johnny's rejoinder is that, "I'd look at St. Peter in the eye and tell him that I'm mighty dry". As Tommy Makem puts it, this song is to be done with strength and I'd be absolutely the last to gainsay him!
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audiodbemp315.gif In t' Praties Geoff Grainger
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cd15.gif Geoff Grainger In t' Praties dbe15.gif
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youtube15.jpg Johnny is a Roving Blade (4:29) The Langer's Ball