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Little donkey (xiǎo máo lǘ)
Last updated: 12.01.22
In their cultural notes in Sing Chinese, Cindy Mao and Ma Baolin explain that Shaanxi Province in north-western China is very famous for its folk songs. This is one of the lesser known songs from that area, but it is very unique. While most Shaanxi songs are love songs, this one tell of a little kid and his donkey and sounds happy and humorous.
And indeed it is! This short ditty is of a child riding to market on its donkey and falling in the mud - an accomplishment that all little children on this whole planet achieve with complete aplomb. But who does the washing afterwards?
I have a little donkey, never did I ride. wǒ yoǔ yì zhī xiǎo máo lǘ wǒ cóng kái yě bù qí
One day I felt happy, I rode it to the market. yì tiān wǒ gāo xìng le wǒ qí zhe tā qù gān.
I took a little whip in hand. der la der ay yo wǒ shǒu lǐ ná zhe xiǎo pí biān deér la deér ai yo
pi li pa la hua la la la la I fell into the mud. pi li pa la hua la la la la wǒ shuāi le yì shēn ní.
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Little donkey - Xiao mao (1:31) Learning Bus
youtube15.jpg The little donkey - Xiao Mao lv (0:27) Kingburier 87