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I'm Gonna Sing
Last updated: 02.02.24
I got to sing, appropriately, the gospel I'm Gonna Sing in an SAB arrangement by Bettina Röttger and Stefan Kutter when a member of Das Trio sometime in 2007. There are divisi in the upper voices making it into a quintet. As the bass singer, I loved leading off the fun. As with so many gospels, the lyrics are easy to learn just changing one word in each verse. To whit: "I'm gonna sing ..., preach ..., shout ..., pray ...," and finally "sing". All great stuff indeed!
The arrangement can be found in Chor aktuell junior published by Gustav Bosse Verlag.
     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg I'm Gonna Sing (2:12) Chœur du Val d'Aube Traditional