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Way Down to Lamorna
Last updated: 11.10.23
"Way down to Lamorna" is a jolly, amusing West Country (i.e. for those outside UK that means Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset for good measure) song that I learned from Brian Kelly as a member of the Idle Fellows.
The lyrics are pretty unique in that it deals with a bloke out on the spree chatting the lassies up. He is either so inebriated or stupid or both that he chats his own wife up in the confusion of darkness and makes a date for both of them to take a trip together down to Lamorna (just a cat's jump from Lands End in Cornwall). His wife, in the nice kind way that the ladies are, doesn't let on and, boy, doesn't he have to pay for his stupidity later! The song doesn't go into the matter of what the hell was his wife doing out on the spree !. That's equality gents, but we knew that already didn't we!
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