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The Gypsy Girl
Last updated: 11.10.23
The Gypsy Girl is yet another of Brian Kelly's songs which I've never seen in print or heard elsewhere. I do not know where he learned it. It's a fine rousing song of a squire who on meeting a pretty gypsy girl in a London street, asks her to tell him his fortune. One doesn't have to be Einstein to guess that the gypsy girl prophesies that he will marry her upon which the idiot promptly fulfils the prophecy.
The chorus is fine rousing stuff which we used to belt out in the Idle Fellows.
This a very similar version to Brian's, having the title of "The Gypsy's Wedding Day", is explained in detail at John Roberts and Tony Barrand's interesting site on "Lincolnshire Folksongs collected by Percy A. Grainger".
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youtube15.jpg The Gypsy Girl (2:57) Charlie Poole and The North Carolina Ramblers