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Ei oh, faat em an, so
Last updated: 22.01.22
"Ei oh, faat em an, so" is a fine, strident Plattdeutsch shanty that I learned from Bernd Gerken, a member of Idle Fellows. I've sung it many times alone and until now I've met no one who has actually heard it before. I don't know where Bernd learned it. The shanty is very reminiscent of Paddy Doyle's Boots.
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Ei oh, faat em an, so.
Ei oh, alle man, so.
Ei oh, pull em op, so.
Ei oh, groten ruck, so.

Ei oh, mit dem Kneep, so.
Ei oh, dat deiht weck, so.
Ei oh, mit dem Lenz, so.
Ei oh, dat moot klemm', so.

Ei oh, steit loopt, so.
Ei oh, go man ropp, so.
Ei oh, no en block, so.
Ei oh, nun geevt Schluck, so.

Ei oh, we geev in, so.
Ei oh, loot em spring, so.
Ei oh, no een Ruck, so.
Ei oh, nun geevt Schluck, so.