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Editio Musica Budapest has 140 publications posted in these webpages. They include 22 items of recorder sheet music at SheetMusicPlus and 118 items of recorder sheet music no longer available SheetMusicPlus.
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Recorder Sheet Music:
sm15.gif Ungarische Weisen - Hungarian Folksongs Béla Bartók D/D/A smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Ballet Music George F. Handel Chamber work with D smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Lamentation Ryohei Hirose A/A/T/B smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Meditation Ryohei Hirose A smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Ode 1 Ryohei Hirose B(A)/B(T) smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Key Exercises for Descant Recorder Gábor Kállay D smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Recorder Music - Volume 3 Zoltán Kodály D/A/A/T smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Recorder ABC for Descant Recorder Laszlo Lorincz D smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Baroque Dances Miscellaneous D(Oboe,Violin)/D(Oboe,Violin) smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Baroque Dances for Two Treble Recorders Miscellaneous A/A smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif  Baroque Masters of Variation Volume 1: Solo Works with Continuo Miscellaneous D/A/BC smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Baroque Masters of Variation for Descant and Treble Recorder - Volume 2: Duets Miscellaneous D/A smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Baroque Studies for Descant Recorder Miscellaneous D smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Chamber Music for Three Treble Recorders from the 14th-18th Centuries Miscellaneous A/A/A smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Duets for Descant Recorders Miscellaneous D/D smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Duets for Treble Recorders for Beginners Miscellaneous A/A smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif French Baroque Duets Miscellaneous A/A smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Recorder Music for Beginners - Volume 2 Miscellaneous A/Piano smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Carmen in la (1538) Ludwig Senfl D/A/T smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Sonatas for Recorder and Basso Continuo Georg Philipp Telemann A/BC smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif 12 Sonatas for Recorder (or Flute) and Basso Continuo Roberto Valentine A(Flute)/BC smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif  4 Sonatas for Recorder and Basso Continuo Antonio Vivaldi A/BC smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Villancicos à 3 Anon D/A/T (747933)
sm15.gif Motet: Ich Lasse dich nicht Johann Christian Bach D/D/A/A/T/T/B/B (764598)
sm15.gif 3-Part Fugue Johann Sebastian Bach D/A/B (748029)
sm15.gif Motet: Komm, Jesu, Komm Johann Sebastian Bach D/D/A/A/T/T/B/B (764608)
sm15.gif Sinfonia No. 13 in A Minor (BWV 799) Johann Sebastian Bach D/A/B (4901273)
sm15.gif Trio super Herr Jesu Christ Johann Sebastian Bach A/T/B (4901260)
sm15.gif Two Short Fugues Johann Sebastian Bach D/A/T/B (3846718)
sm15.gif Bobby Shaftoe Variations, 7 contrasting versions Dennis Bamforth D/D/A/A/T/T/T/T (3847336)
sm15.gif Eforanf: Op 61 Dennis Bamforth S/D/A/T/GB/CB (5667210)
sm15.gif Quartet 2: Op. 22 Dennis Bamforth D/A/T/B (3846744)
sm15.gif  Shetland Suite Op. 16 Dennis Bamforth D/A/T/B (3846739)
sm15.gif Ungarische Weisen Béla Bartók D/A/A (2242700)
sm15.gif Allegretto Scherzando Ludwig van Beethoven D/D/A/T/T/B/GB (764804)
sm15.gif Toreador's Song from Carmen Georges Bizet S/D(A)/A/T/B (761777)
sm15.gif 3 Exercises Kees Boeke A (6308562)
sm15.gif O Heiland, reiss die Himmel auf Johannes Brahms D/A/T/B (754399)
sm15.gif Ich dank dir schon Diderik Buxtehude D/A/T/B (754583)
sm15.gif Ave verum corpus; O Lord the Maker of all Things William Byrd D/A/T/B (3846796)
sm15.gif Fortune William Byrd D/A/T/B (754633)
sm15.gif Miserere (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book) William Byrd D/A/T/B (5665916)
sm15.gif Pavans and Galliards: Vol 2 (Ladye Nevells Booke) William Byrd D/A/T/T/B (5666559)
sm15.gif  Peascoreodd Time (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book) William Byrd D/A/T/B (5665933)
sm15.gif Ye maiden's songe William Byrd D/A/T/B (754614)
sm15.gif Christmas Suite James D. Carey D/A/T/B (3847747)
sm15.gif Step Stately: A Suite of English Dances James D. Carey D/A/T/B (754923)
sm15.gif Il est bel e bon Girolamo Cavazzoni A/T/T/B (759106)
sm15.gif Alcaïcs Paul Clark D/A/T/B (755213)
sm15.gif Irish Suite Paul Clark D/A/T/T/B (762104)
sm15.gif Suite in A with Antiphon Paul Clark D/A/T/B (755234)
sm15.gif Twelve Days of Christmas Paul Clark D/A/T/B (780273)
sm15.gif Two Boozy Songs Clemens non Papa D/A/T/B (755270)
sm15.gif Golliwogg's Cake-Walk Claude-Achille Debussy S/D/A/A/T/T/B/GB (766934)
sm15.gif  Salut d'Amour Edward Elgar S/D/A/A/T/B (765196)
sm15.gif Four Pieces (Dreame, His Rest, His Humour and A Toye) Giles Farnaby D/A/T/B (5666002)
sm15.gif Pavane Gabriel Fauré D/D/A/A/T/B (765205)
sm15.gif Two More Fantasias Alfonso (I) Ferrabosco D/A/T/B (755929)
sm15.gif Capriccio Sopra La Bassa Fiamenga Girolamo Frescobaldi D/A/T/B (756165)
sm15.gif Canzon IX Giovanni Gabrieli D/D/A/A/T/T/T/B (765430)
sm15.gif Four 4-Part Canzonas from Canzoni per sonare Giovanni Gabrieli D/A/T/B (3846859)
sm15.gif Io pur respiro C. Gesualdo di Venosa D/A/A/T/B (4902372)
sm15.gif Almighty and Everlasting God Orlando Gibbons D/A/T/B (4902015)
sm15.gif O! That the Learned Poet Orlando Gibbons D/D/A/T/B (3847193)
sm15.gif Five Pieces from Orfeo Christoph Willibald Glück D/A/T/B (5666115)
sm15.gif  From the Holberg Suite Edvard Hagerup Grieg D/A/T/B (756727)
sm15.gif Diverse Dances (5 jazzy pieces with Scottish flavor) Margaret Hall D/A/T/B (3846869)
sm15.gif Scottish Dance Suite Margaret Hall D/A/T/B (4902048)
sm15.gif 2 Fugues George F. Handel D/A/T/B (3846896)
sm15.gif Amen Chorus (Messiah) George F. Handel D/A/T/B (756806)
sm15.gif Five Trios (from Berenice, Hercules, Jeptha +) -score with parts George F. Handel D/A/T (5665546)
sm15.gif Vinto e l'amor George F. Handel D/A/T/B (756822)
sm15.gif Canzon noni toni (Sacri Concentus, 1601) Hans Leo Hassler DC: D/A/T/B (765780)
sm15.gif Three Motets Hans Leo Hassler D/D(A)/A(T)/T/B (762646)
sm15.gif Four Minuets Joseph Haydn D/A/T (749806)
sm15.gif Selected Consorts Heinrich Isaac D/A/T/B (757244)
sm15.gif  Two Trios Josquin des Préz T/T/B (751822)
sm15.gif Meister der Variation in Barock Bd. 1 Gábor Kállay D/A (2241050)
sm15.gif Meister der Variation in Barock Bd. 2 Gábor Kállay D/A (2241070)
sm15.gif Recorder Music - Volume 1 Zoltán Kodály D/A/T/B (4988921)
sm15.gif Dixit Dominus Orlando di Lassus DC: D/A/T/B (765973)
sm15.gif Resonet in laudibus Orlando di Lassus D/A/T/T/B (762974)
sm15.gif A Girl in Every Port, a Suite of Sea Songs Alyson Lewin D/A/T/T/B (763039)
sm15.gif Lincolnshire Poacher Alyson Lewin D/A/A/T/B/GB (766022)
sm15.gif Midsummer Morris Alyson Lewin D/D/A/A/T/T/B (766030)
sm15.gif The Nutting Girl Alyson Lewin D/A/T/B/GB (4902663)
sm15.gif Poor Mariners Alyson Lewin D/A/T/T/B (17699034)
sm15.gif  Trelawney's Ghost Alyson Lewin D/A/A/T/B (3847238)
sm15.gif Two Ulster Folksongs (Northern Ireland) Alyson Lewin D/A/T/T/B (3847244)
sm15.gif We wish you a Merry Christmas Alyson Lewin D/A/A/T/B (779879)
sm15.gif West of the Severn (Welsh folk songs) Alyson Lewin D/A/T/T/B (763027)
sm15.gif 13th Century French Motets Greg Lewin A(T)/T/T(B) (750761)
sm15.gif Four 13th Century Motets Greg Lewin T/T/B (750756)
sm15.gif Concert Waltz Petrina Lodge D/A/T/B (757902)
sm15.gif Altblockflötenduos János Malina A/A/Piano (2241089)
sm15.gif Sopranblockflötenduos János Malina D/D/Piano (2241643)
sm15.gif A Second Scrapbook of Party Pieces M. Meech D/A/T (751173)
sm15.gif 2 Cuckoo Songs Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (754813)
sm15.gif  Baroque Studies Miscellaneous D (2243839)
sm15.gif Classical Trios Miscellaneous D/A/T (3846447)
sm15.gif Es ist ein' Ros' & Innsbruck Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (759375)
sm15.gif Four Italian Madrigals Miscellaneous D/A/T (749564)
sm15.gif The Queenes Alman and the King's Moriscoreo Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (5665944)
sm15.gif Selections from Buxheimer Orgelbuch Miscellaneous A(S)/T/T (3846573)
sm15.gif Three Bird Madrigals Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (756579)
sm15.gif Two 17th Century Portuguese Pieces Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (3846805)
sm15.gif Two Italian Fugues Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (759267)
sm15.gif Two Spanish Pieces Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (754804)
sm15.gif Two Victorian Part - Songs Miscellaneous A(D)/A/T/B (756670)
sm15.gif  Cum Sanctis Tuis Wolfgang A. Mozart D/A/T/B (758596)
sm15.gif Rondo alla Turca Wolfgang A. Mozart S/D/A/T (758606)
sm15.gif Let The Sea Make A Noise (1500's) John Mundy A/A/T/T/B/B (766154)
sm15.gif Ricercari in C minor Johann Pachelbel D/A/T/B (3847009)
sm15.gif Kyrie (L'homme arme) G. P. da Palestrina D/A/T/T/B (3847286)
sm15.gif Tu es Patrus G. P. da Palestrina D/D/A/T/T/B (766209)
sm15.gif In Dulci Jubilo Robert Lucas Pearsall DC: D/A/T/B (3847416)
sm15.gif First Folk Song Suite Bruce Pennick S/D/A/T/B (763393)
sm15.gif Canzon (1625) Giovanni Picchi D/D/B/B/Piano (772648)
sm15.gif Vom Himmel hoch Michael Praetorius D/A/A/T (766285)
sm15.gif Chaconne From the Fairy Queen Henry Purcell D/A/A/B (759489)
sm15.gif  Selections from Dido and Aeneas Henry Purcell D/A/T/B (3847036)
sm15.gif Symphony Henry Purcell S/D/A/T/B/GB (767054)
sm15.gif A Flippancy (a fun encore for a good consort) Keith Rogers D/D/A/T/B (3847314)
sm15.gif Two-Tone Rag (Gabrieli meets Scott Joplin!) Keith Rogers D/A/T/B/A/T/B/GB (3847429)
sm15.gif Fossiles (Carnival of Animals) Camille Saint-Saëns S/D/A/T/B (763691)
sm15.gif Chorale Fantasia Samuel Scheidt D/A/T/B (759926)
sm15.gif Canzon a 6 Johann Hermann Schein D/D/A/T/T/B (766442)
sm15.gif Two Motets Heinrich Schütz D/D/A/T/B (763984)
sm15.gif The Winds of Change Michael Short D/A/A/T/B (764024)
sm15.gif Four by Four (four movements) Bill Stewart D/A/T/B (3847086)
sm15.gif Hodie Christus natus est Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck D/A/T/T/B (5666747)
sm15.gif  Variations on est-ce mars Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck D/A/T/B (760371)
sm15.gif Solfing Song Thomas Tallis D/A/T/T/B (764112)
sm15.gif Two Pieces Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky D/A/T/B (760526)
sm15.gif 2 Two French Carols Traditional S/D/A/T/T/B (780869)
sm15.gif Christmas Villancicos Traditional D/A/T/B (779863)
sm15.gif Tom, Tom the Piper's Son: Suite of Old Nursery Rhymes Traditional D/A/T/B (754913)
sm15.gif The Cuckoo is a Pretty Bird Francis Tregian S(D)/D/A/T/B (763414)
sm15.gif Browning for Four (a modern version) Heather Wastie D/A/T/B (3847143)
sm15.gif Two Motets (from 2nd edition of Liber Primus, 1545) Adrian Willaert A/T/T/B (3847154)