E. Ray Goetz  (1886-1954)
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According to the Internet source given below, Edward Ray Goetz was an American composer, songwriter, author and producer.
Of ragtime interest are, among others, The Rag-Time Banjo Serenade (1908) published by Trebuhs Publishing Company, New York, USA and The Wriggley Rag (1913) published by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., New York, USA.

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This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 57 works by E. Ray Goetz (1886-1954). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: ER
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
When the Right Little Girl Comes Along 1905 Paul Barnes  wvicon.gif
Don't Go in the Lion's Cage Tonight 1906 John Gilroy  wvicon.gif
You're Just the Girl I'm Looking For 1906 Words & Music by Goetz  wvicon.gif
Come down Salomy Jane 1907 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
Dr. Munyon 1907 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
Follies of 1907 1907 Seymour Furth  wvicon.gif
Handle Me With Care 1907 Jean Schwartz, William Jerome  wvicon.gif
He Goes to Church on Sunday 1907 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
How'd You Like to Float Me? 1907 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
If We Knew What the Milkman Knows 1907 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
My Pocahontas 1907  wvicon.gif
Re-Incarnation 1907 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
That's How He Met the Girl 1907 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
Aren't You the Girl? 1908 Louis Achille Hirsch  wvicon.gif
Oh! That Yankiana Rag 1908 M.J. Gideon
Rag-Time Banjo Serenade, The 1908 Words & Music by Goetz  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
When Gradma Was a Girl 1908
Wildflower 1908 Lou A Hirsch  wvicon.gif
Wildflower - Song 1908 Lou A Hirsch  wvicon.gif
Sombrero Land 1909 T. Snyder, I. Berlin  wvicon.gif
Under a Picture Hat 1909 H. Ingraham
You're Just the Kind of Girl I'd Like My Girl to Be 1909 Will D Cobb  wvicon.gif
Havana 1910 James Kendis, Herman Paley
I'm Waiting Here For Winnie 1910
In Pittsburg, PA 1910  wvicon.gif
That Dreamy Barcarole Tune 1910 Bernard Grossman, Ralph Shiers  wvicon.gif
When Rosalie Sings "Ciribiribi" 1910 M.J. Gideon
Don't Take Your Beau to the Seashore 1911 I. Berlin  wvicon.gif
If You Knew What I Know About Men 1911 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
There's a Girl in Havana 1911 A Baldwin Sloane  wvicon.gif
Yankee Love 1911 I. Berlin
Alexander's Bag-Pipe Band 1912 A. Baldwin Sloane, Irving Berlin  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
He Played It on His Fid, Fid, Fiddle Dee-Dee 1912 Irving Berlin  wvicon.gif
Hiram's Band 1912 A. Baldwin Sloane, I. Berlin
Lead Me to That Beautiful Band 1912 Irving Berlin  wvicon.gif
At the Picture Show 1913 I. Berlin
In My Garden of Eden For Two 1913 Words & Music by Goetz  wvicon.gif
Under the China Moon 1913 Words & Music by Goetz  wvicon.gif
Wriggley Rag, The 1913 M. Franklin  wvicon.gif
I've Got the Sweetest Little Baby 1914 Grant Clarke, Bert Grant  wvicon.gif
My Croony Melody 1914 Joe Goodwin  wvicon.gif
Cling a Little Closer 1915 Words & Music by Goetz  wvicon.gif
I'm Simply Crazy Over You 1915 J. Schwartz
By the Sad Luana Shore 1916 Words & Music by Goetz Bert Grant  wvicon.gif
Cheer Up, Eat and Grow Thin 1916 Words & Music by Goetz  wvicon.gif
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula 1916 Joe Young, Pete Wendling  wvicon.gif
Everything Looks Rosy and Bright 1917  wvicon.gif
If You Were Here 1917 Willie White
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
When You've Picked Your Basket of Peaches 1917 Walter M Dunk  wvicon.gif
Land of Yester-Year, The 1918 Words & Music by Goetz  wvicon.gif
When You Marry 1918 Edmund Eysler
I am Cleopatra 1920  wvicon.gif
If You Could Care 1920  wvicon.gif
Under Grecian Skies 1920  wvicon.gif
Do I Love You? 1923 H. Christine  wvicon.gif
So This Is Love 1923 Words & Music by Goetz  wvicon.gif
Land of Going to Be, The 1928 Walter Kollo