Songs and Ballads of Northern England
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1974 Author: John Stokoe
Publisher: Frank Graham ISBN: 978-0859830409
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Hardcover 216 pages.

Publisher's blurb:
John Stokoe was a well known figure in Newcastle musical life in the 19th century and an indefatigable collector of old songs. He was the most important of the editors of the famous Northumbrian Minstrelsy. The present book is an enlarged version of that work with musical accompaniments, Few of our local song books contain the music and for that reason Stokoe's work is of value.
Personal remarks:
Echoing the publisher's blurb, it is indeed valuable for the student of Geordie songs having the accompaniments which were harmonised and arranged for piano by Samuel Reay.
Another gold-mine, it contains some 91 songs with many interesting appendixe notes including: