Ragtime Reunion
Last updated: 22.11.22
Designation: Ragophile 1003
Release Date: 2004
Performed by Trebor Tichenor - pno; Virginia Tichenor - pno; Marty Eggers - pno, bs, tba. Andrew Tichenor - tp; Susanna Tichenor - vio, viola.
  1. The Thriller! (1909), May Aufderheide
  2. The Pinywoods Rag (1909), Nellie Weldon Cocroft
  3. Euphonic Sounds (1909), Scott Joplin
  4. Brun Campbell Express, Thomas W. Shea
  5. 42nd Street Rag, Les C. Copeland
  6. Riverside Blues, Chas. Cohen
  7. The Mississippi Rag (1897), William H. Krell
  8. Snag It, Joe Oliver
  9. King Chanticleer, Nathan D. Ayer
  10. West End Blues, Joe Oliver
  11. Pierce City Rag, Trebor Jay Tichenor
  12. Roberto Clemente, David Thomas Roberts
  13. Willie the Weeper, Marty Bloom, Walter Melrose, Grant V. Rymal
  14. Lullaby From Mars, Zez Confrey
  15. Harlem Rag (1897), Thomas Million Turpin
  16. Virginia's Blues, Fred. Meinken/Ernie Erdman
  17. King Porter Stomp, Ferdinand Morton
  18. Shake That Thing, Charlie "Papa" Jackson
  19. Show-Me Rag, Trebor J. Tichenor
  20. Kinklets, Arthur Marshall
  21. It's A Long Way Back Home