The Golden Age of the Music Hall
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Retrospective
Release Date: 27 Oct. 2008
25 Original Mono Recordings
  1. When I Take My Morning Promenade, Marie Lloyd
  2. A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good, Marie Lloyd
  3. The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo, Charles Coborn
  4. The May-Day Fireman, Dan Leno
  5. Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier Vesta Tilley
  6. My Old Dutch, Albert Chevalier
  7. The Lily Of Laguna, Eugene Stratton
  8. Waiting At The Church, Vesta Victoria
  9. If It Wasn't For The 'Ouses In Between, Gus Elen
  10. Any Old Iron?, Harry Champion
  11. Henery the Eighth I Am, Harry Champion
  12. Down At The Old Bull And Bush, Florrie Forde
  13. Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?, Florrie Forde
  14. The Gas Inspector, Little Tich
  15. Quite Alright!, George Robey
  16. Burlington Bertie From Bow , Ella Shields
  17. I Love A Lassie. Harry Lauder
  18. The Preacher And The Bear, Albert Whelan
  19. Only A Working Man, Lily Morris
  20. Grandfather's Clock, George Formby
  21. When Father Papered The Parlour, Billy Williams
  22. Oh, Mister Porter!, Norah Blaney
  23. The Spaniard That Blighted My Life, Billy Merson
  24. Fill Em Up, Hetty King
  25. I Belong To Glasgow, Will Fyffe