Your Own, Your Very Own: Stars of the Music Hall 1901-1929
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: ASV
Release Date: 1 April 1994
  1. Don't Do It Again Matilda, by Harry Champion
  2. Every Little Movement Has A Meaning Of It's Own, by Marie Lloyd
  3. Two Lovely Black Eyes, by Charles Coborn
  4. Mrs Kely, by Dan Leno
  5. One Of The Boys, by George Formby Senior
  6. The Jocular Joker, by G.H. Chirgwin
  7. Let's All Go Where All The Crowd Goes, by Billy Williams
  8. The Photo Of The Girl I Left Behind Me, by Billy Merson
  9. I'm Twenty-One Today, by Jack Pleasants
  10. Flower Of The Heather, by Harry Lauder
  11. If The Manager's Only Thought The Same As Mother, by Madie Scott
  12. She Sells Sea Shells, by Wilkie Bard
  13. By The Sea, by Mark Sheridan
  14. Don't Have Any More, Mrs. Moore, by Lily Morris
  15. Dinah, by George Elliott
  16. Hello, Sunshine, Hello!, by Albert Whelan