Golden Voices of the Music Hall
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Ace Of Clubs
Designation: ACL 1077
A1 Ella ShieldsBurlington Bertie From Bowby William Hargreaves
A2 Ella ShieldsThe Army by William Hargreaves
A3 Tom E. LeamoreMick MacDougal by Tom E. Leamore
A4 Tom LeamorePercy From Pimlico by Tom Leamore
A5 Nellie WallaceThe Blasted Oak by Redman Long
A6 Nellie WallaceThree Times A Day by Liddy
B1 Gus ElenIt's A Great Big Shame by George Le Brunn,Edgar Bateman
B2 Gus Elen'Arf A Pint Of Ale by Charles Tempest
B3 Hetty KingTell Her The Old Old Story by Frank W. Carter
B4 Hetty KingDown Beside The Riverside by Frank Carter
B5 Albert WhelanThe Three Trees by Dudley Powell
B6 Albert WhelanThe Preacher And The Bear by Joe Arzonia