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Last updated: 19.07.21
Address: Queen Victoria Markets, Sydney, NSW, Australia

D. Davis & Co. Music Publishers has 37 publications posted in these webpages. They include 1 item of piano sheet music at the Amazons and 36 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Author Supplier
Piano Sheet Music:
sm15.gif The Lambeth Walk N. Gay flag15uk.gif
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif Boys of Australia (1917c.) Harry Appel
sm15.gif His Last Thoughts Were of You (1914) Raymond A. Browne
sm15.gif Black Mask Waltz (1954), The Michael Carr
sm15.gif I Love You Very Much, Madame (1934) Michael Carr(w&m) Fred Grundland (co-author)
sm15.gif Pent Up in a Penthouse (1938) Tommie Connor(w&m) S. Williams (co-author)
sm15.gif I'll Never Do It Again (19-?) Rennie Cormack Al. Dubin (words)
sm15.gif When the Autumn Leaves Were Falling (190-) Gussie Lord Davis John B Foley (words)
sm15.gif Will O' Wisp (1919) Malvin Franklin
sm15.gif Birthday of the Little Princess (1939) Noel Gay(w&m)
sm15.gif I'll Pray For You (1934) Noel Gay J.G. Gilbert (co-author)
Roy King (words)
sm15.gif Lambeth Walk (1937), The Noel Gay Douglas Furber (words)
Lupino Lane (sung by)
George Graves (sung by)
Teddy St (sung by)
sm15.gif Love Makes the World Go Round (1938) Noel Gay(w&m)
sm15.gif Oh What a Wonderful Night We've Had Tonight (1940) Noel Gay(w&m) Ralph Butler (words)
sm15.gif When Alice Blue Gown Met Little Boy Blue (1946) Noel Gay Ralph Butler (words)
sm15.gif Kosusko Tango (n.d.) Billy Geller
sm15.gif My Pal Is the Lamp Post (1910c-) Fred Godfrey John Nugent (words)
Alfred Glover (words)
sm15.gif Australia, I Love You (191-?) Archie Gottler Edgar Leslie (words)
sm15.gif  Letter That Never Reached Home (1914-8), The Archie Gottler Edgar Leslie (words)
Bernie Grossman (words)
sm15.gif Out Where the Blue Begins (1923) Bert F. Grant Jimmy McHugh (words)
Kate Carney (sung by)
sm15.gif My Dream Sweetheart (1922) Wendell Hall(w&m)
sm15.gif White Roses (1912) Sydney P. Harris
sm15.gif Cascade (19??), The Louis L. Howarde
sm15.gif Come Back to Erin (190?) Louis L. Howarde
sm15.gif Dance of the Skylarks (1909) Louis L. Howarde
sm15.gif Glide Along (?) Louis L. Howarde
sm15.gif Moonshine (192?) Louis L. Howarde
sm15.gif Pantomime Echoes (?) Louis L. Howarde
sm15.gif Put on the Uniform of Khaki (1914) Louis L. Howarde George Knowles (words)
sm15.gif Roses Divine (190?) Louis L. Howarde
sm15.gif Stolen Kisses (191?) Louis L. Howarde by L.L. Howarde1 (co-author)
sm15.gif Twinkling Eyes (190?) Louis L. Howarde
sm15.gif Navy's Here (1940), The Ross Parker Hugh Charles (words)
sm15.gif Havana (1923) John Schonberger
sm15.gif Dance of the Curley Wigs (191?) Pauline Brutting Story
sm15.gif Telling It to the Daisies (1930) Harry Warren Joe Young (words)
sm15.gif  Democracy (1900) Harry H. Zickel