Nat H. Vincent 
Last updated: 13.03.21
All that can presently (November 2019) be gleaned about Nat H. Vincent from sheet music covers and by internet searching is that he has 12 works published between 1915 and 1940.
Of ragtime interest is Railroad Jim (1915) published by F. B. Haviland Publishing Co. Inc., New York, USA.
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b004g4t5um_m.jpgPucker Up and Whistle Till The Clouds Roll By
By: Nat H. Vincent. Words by: Blanche Franklin.
Publisher: Francis, Day & Hunter
Suppliers: flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15es.gif
Printed: 1921. Sheet Music.
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 33 works by Nat H. Vincent. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: ER (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Older They Get, the Harder They Fall, The 1908
While Under the Jungle Moon 1910  wvicon.gif
Out of a City of Six Million People 1915 Chas. McCarron (words)  wvicon.gif
Railroad Jim 1915  wvicon.gif
Give a Little Credit to Your Dad 1916 William Tracey (words)  wvicon.gif
Naughty! Naughty! Naughty! 1916 Joe Goodwin (words)
William Tracey (words)
Grace Fisher (sung by)
Down South 1917 Herman Paley (words)
Watson Sisters (sung by)
It's a Shame That We Have to Grow Old 1917 Wm Tracey (words)
Dave Berg (words)
Casson & Earle (sung by)
Oh! Papa, Oh! Papa (w&m) 1917 James F. Hanley (co-author)
S. Tucker (sung by)
Shorter They Wear'em, the Longer They Look, The 1917 Will J. Harris (words)
Johnny Dooley (sung by)
There's Always Something Doin' Down in Dixie 1917
You're a Little Naughty Baby (w&m) 1917 Grace Fisher (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Everybody's Happy Now 1918 Kendis (words)
Brockman (words)
Holy Yumpin Yiminy 1918 Bernie Grossman (words)
Ed Morton (words)
It Makes No Diff'rence Whose Sweetie You Were (You're My Sweet Sweetie Now) (w&m) 1918 Frank Stilwell (co-author)  wvicon.gif
We're Bound to Win With Boys Like You (w&m) 1918
Title Year Attribution Remarks
You Look Like an Angel 1918 Maceo Pinkard (words)  wvicon.gif
Bring Back Those Wonderful Days 1919 Darl MacBoyle (words)  wvicon.gif
Daa Dee Dum (w&m) 1919 Leon Flatow (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Dreamy Amazon 1919 Darl Mac Boyle (words)
L. Wolfe Gilbert (words)
Arr. by J. S Glickman;
I Know a Band That Needs No Leader 1919 Blanche Franklyn (words)
I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome 1919 Kendis (words)
Brockman (words)
I'm Telling You (w&m) 1920 Billy Baskette (co-author)
B. Frisch (co-author)
Bernie Grossman (co-author)
Will Donaldson (co-author)
Sam Ehrlich (co-author)
Leon Flatow (co-author)
Bobby Jones (co-author)
Al. Siegel (co-author)
Brow (co-author)
Laughing Vamp (w&m) 1920 Billy Baskette (co-author)
Billy Frisch (co-author)
Bernie Grossman (co-author)
Will Donaldson (co-author)
Sam Ehrlich (co-author)
Leon Flatow (co-author)
Bobby Jones (co-author)
Al. Siegal (co-author)
Pretty Little Cinderella 1920 Blanche Franklyn (words)
Pucker Up and Whistle 1921 Blanche Franklin (words)
Florrie Forde (sung by)
 amazon15.gif wvicon.gif
Grin 1922 Blanche Franklyn (words)
Jimbo Jambo (w&m) 1922 Billy Frisch, Billy Hueston (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Nobody Knows (But My Pillow and Me) 1923 Billy Hueston (co-author)
B. Frisch (co-author)
At the End of the Lane 1930 Fred Howard (words)  wvicon.gif
It's Time to Say Aloha to You 1930 Fred Howard (words)
Honolulu Bundle (w&m) 1940 Eddie Armstrong (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Title Year Attribution Remarks
I'm Gonna Have a Cowboy Weddin (w&m) 1940 Milo Sweet (co-author)  wvicon.gif