Billy Baskette 
Last updated: 02.04.21
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 22 works by Billy Baskette. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Good Bye Broadway, Hello France 1917 C. Francis Reisenr (words)  wvicon.gif
Hawaiian Butterfly 1917 Geo. A. Little (words)
Joseph Santly (words)
Jazz Fox-Trot, The 1917 Joseph Santly (words)  wvicon.gif
Please Don't Go 1917 Harold McGahey (words)  wvicon.gif
Each Stitch Is a Thought of You, Dear 1918 Al Sweet (words)  wvicon.gif
I'm Goin' to Fight My Way Right Back to Carolina 1918 Jessie Spiess (words)  wvicon.gif
Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar 1919 Ed Rose (co-author)
Lew Pollack (co-author)
I'll Dance My Way Right Back to Dixieland 1919 Grant Clarke (words)  wvicon.gif
I've Got the Swanee River Flowing Through My Veins 1919 Ed Rose (words)
Jerry You Warra a Warrior in the War 1919 Dannie O'Neil (words)
Mrs Bert Fitzgibbons (sung by)
Nobody Else Can Love Me Like My Old Tomato Can 1923 Billy Downs (words)  wvicon.gif
Waitin' For the Evenin' Mail (w&m) 1923 James, Barton (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Topsy 1924 Duncan Sisters (sung by)
Dream Pal 1925 Willie Robyn (sung by)
Arr.: Jeanne Gravelle,
I Ain't Got Notin' Now 1925 James Barton (sung by)
Evenin' Time (w&m) 1927  wvicon.gif
Hoosier Sweetheart 1927 Paul Ash (words)
Joe Goodwin (words)
Talking to the Moon 1927 George A. Little (words)
Harkin Sisters (sung by)
Bell &. Coates (sung by)
Dream Train 1928 Charles Newman (words)  wvicon.gif
That's When I Learned to Love You 1929 Bartley Costello (words)
Rudy Vallée (sung by)
Same Old Moon - Same Old Sky 1932 Ed Rose (words)  wvicon.gif
Sundown in a Little Green Hollow 1933 George Whiting (words)
     Title Dur Performer Composer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg Hawaiian Butterfly 3:00 Ragtime Dorian Henry B. Baskette