60 Old-Time Variety Songs
Last updated: 09.02.22
Printed: 1977 Author:  
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Ltd ISBN: 0-86175-008-X
Copyright: EMI 1977    
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Paperback: 152 pages
This is a beautiful book of many of my old time favourites which I have never got round to working through. It is too tedious to list all the titles but perhaps it is worthwhile to list the artists which include Lily Burnard, Gus Elen, Tom Costello, Marie Kendall, Charles Coborn, Leo Dryden, Ellaline Terriss, Harry Lauder, George Beauchamp, Harry Bedford, Eugene Stratton, Vesta Victoria just for starters.
The only drawback, that is for people of limited music-reading skills I hasten to say, is that the items are unedited facsimiles in sol-fa without chord signatures so much loved by guitar and concertina players and it is hard to put on a note stand.
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