Songs of Percy French Volume 2
Last updated: 03.09.20
Printed: 1950 Author: Percy French
Publisher: Keith Prowse Music Publ. Co. ISBN:  
Copyright: Prowse 1938    
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Order No.:K.P. 7555: 10 Percy French songs arranged by W. Stanly Moore.
My remarks
I purchased this item some twenty years ago for a paltry £1.10 (55p) in modern currency and it has languished in my library ever since. All the songs are top Percy French numbers i.e. real tongue twisters and very, very Irish. Perhaps "Whistlin' Phil McHugh" is best known. They are all beyond my capabilities but every now and then I dip in, it makes fun reading.
  1. Come Back, Paddy Reilly
  2. Eileen Oge
  3. Gortnamona
  4. Larry Mick McGarry
  5. Little Bridget Flynn
  6. McBreen's Heifer'
  7. Mat Hannigan's Aunt
  8. Mick's Hotel
  9. Phil the Fluter's Ball
  10. Whistlin' Phil McHugh