Perfessor Bill Sings Volume 3
Last updated: 22.11.22
Label: Siggnal Sounds
Designation: CD 110A
Obtainable at: Siggnal Sounds
  1. By The Beautiful Sea, Harry Carroll
  2. At The Codfish Ball, Lew Pollack
  3. Oceana Roll, Jimmie V. Monaco
  4. Tain't No Sin (To Dance Around in Your Bones)
  5. Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp of Savannah), Milton Ager
  6. For Me and My Gal, George W. Meyer
  7. Egyptian Ella
  8. The Aba Daba Honeymoon, Arthur Fields
  9. Frankie And Johnny, Frank Leighton/Ren Shields
  10. Sailing Down The Chesapeake Bay, George Botsford
  11. Snooky Ookums
  12. I Wish't I Was in Peoria
  13. If You Knew Susie
  14. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now, Joseph Edgar Howard
  15. Hello Ma Baby