Singing Actresses
Last updated: 28.09.23
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Label: World Records
Release Date: 2015
  1. A1: Julia Neilson: When Daisies Pied (Cuckoo Song)
  2. A2: Edna May: Dear Little Baby, Gustave Kerker
  3. A3: Edna May: The Purity Brigade, Gustave Kerker
  4. A4: Ada Reeve: I've An Inkling, Paul Alfred Rubens
  5. A5: Ada Reeve: Queen Of The Phillipine Isles, Paul Alfred Rubens
  6. A6: Marie Tempest: Les Filles De Cadiz, Léo Delibes
  7. A7: Marie Tempest: Si Mers Vers Avaient Des Alles, Reynaldo Hahn
  8. A8: Marie Tempest: The Jewel Of Asia, James Philp
  9. A9: Marie Tempest: Jewel Song
  10. A10: Evie Greene: Try Again Johnnie, Lionel Monckton
  11. A11: Evie Green: There Went A Country Girl One Day, Unknown
  12. A12: Evie Green: The Powder Puff, Augustus Barratt
  13. B1: Isabel Jay: My Heart's At Your Feet, Lionel Monckton
  14. B2: Isabel Jay: You And I, Paul Alfred Rubens
  15. B3: Isabel Jay: Poor Wand'ring One, Arthur Sullivan
  16. B4: Florence Smithson: For Tonight (Waltz Song), Edward German
  17. B5: Florence Smithson: I Know Nothing Of Life, Lionel Monckton
  18. B6: Florence Smithson: The Temple Bell, Howard Talbot
  19. B7: Cicely Courtneidge: Honourable Jappy Bride, Howard Talbot
  20. B8: Cicely Courtneidge: Dear Little Jappy Girls, Lionel Monckton
  21. B9: Cicely Courtneidge: The Little Japanese Mamma, Lionel Monckton