Lambeth Walk - The Music of Noel Gay
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Xtra
Works by Noel Gay
  1. The Sun Has Got His Hat On, Henry Hall
  2. I Don't Want To Go To Bed, Bert Ambrose
  3. La-Di-Da-Di-Da, Henry Hall
  4. Letting In the Sunshine, George Scott-Wood
  5. Happy, Clarence Johnstone / Turner Layton
  6. Who's Been Polishing the Sun?, Percival Mackey
  7. No Funny Business, Henry Hall
  8. Meet the Navy, Leslie Holmes
  9. A Thick, Thick Fog In London, Harry Leader
  10. Let's Have a Tiddley At the Milk Bar, Nellie Wallace
  11. The Fleet's Not In Port Very Long, Peter Dawson
  12. Leaning on a lamppost. George Formby
  13. Lambeth Walk, Nat Gonella & His Georgians
  14. Love Makes the World Go Round, Jack Hylton
  15. Lonely, Al Bowlly
  16. Run Rabbit Run!, Flanagen & Allen
  17. Let the People Sing, Jack Payne
  18. You're Done Something To My Heart, Evelyn Laye / Geraldo & His Orchestra
  19. All Over the Place, The Three Ginx / Tommy Trinder
  20. Hello To the Sun, Arthur Askey
  21. Mist On the River, Sydney Lipton
  22. Hey, Little Hen!, Harry Roy
  23. Only a Glass of Champagne, Gracie Fields
  24. The Love Nest, Joe Loss
  25. We Musn't Miss the Last Bus Home, Betty Driver