Grace Kerns (1879-1936)
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  Title (Release Year) Composer Performers Issue
  Historic Records      
recordMP3.gif Danube River, The (1913) H. Aïdé Grace Kerns Columbia: 38623
recordMP3.gif I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls (1912) M. Balfe Grace Kerns Columbia: 36412
recordMP3.gif I Live and Love Thee (1915) F. Campana Grace Kerns
Mildred Potter
Columbia: 37311
recordMP3.gif Just Because It's You! (1913) I. Caryll Grace Kerns Columbia: 36831
recordMP3.gif Venus Waltz, The (1912) I. Caryll Grace Kerns
Craig Campbell
Columbia: 36479
recordMP3.gif Ring Out, Wild Bells (1915) F.F. Chopin Grace Kerns Columbia: 37435
recordMP3.gif Martha (1913) F.von Flotow Grace Kerns
Mildred Potter
Reed Miller
Frank Croxton
Columbia: 36551
recordMP3.gif Bonnie Sweet Bessie the Maid O' Dundee (1916) J.L. Gilbert Grace Kerns Columbia: 46712
recordMP3.gif Sing, Smile, Slumber (1912) C. Gounod Grace Kerns Columbia: 38390
recordMP3.gif When You're Away (1914) V. Herbert Grace Kerns Columbia: 37079
recordMP3.gif When Cupid Calls (1916) V. Jacobi Grace Kerns
Reed Miller
Andrea Sarto
Columbia: 46442
recordMP3.gif I Love You Truly (1915) C. Jacobs-Bond Grace Kerns Columbia: 39882
recordMP3.gif Love Has Wings (1914) E. Kálmán Grace Kerns
Charles W. Harrison
Columbia: 36960
recordMP3.gif Love's Own Sweet Song (1914) E. Kálmán Grace Kerns
Charles W. Harrison
Columbia: 36972
recordMP3.gif Some Sort of Somebody (1916) J. Kern Grace Kerns
Andrea Sarto
Edgar Stoddard
Elvira Marsh
Edgar Grey
Columbia: 46432
recordMP3.gif My Faith Looks Up to Thee (1916) F. Lachner Grace Kerns
Ida Gardner
Columbia: 46835
recordMP3.gif  Go, Pretty Rose (1913) T. Marzials Grace Kerns
Craig Campbell
Columbia: 38905
recordMP3.gif Dear Heart (1911) T. Mattei Grace Kerns Columbia: 19585
recordMP3.gif Blue Alsatian Mountains, The (1914) M. Maybrick Grace Kerns Columbia: 39619
recordMP3.gif O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast (1912) F. Mendelssohn Grace Kerns
Bessie Volckman
Columbia: 19725
recordMP3.gif Last Rose of Summer, The (1912) T. Moore Grace Kerns Columbia: 38347
recordMP3.gif Estudiantina (1915) P. Lacombe Mildred Potter
Grace Kerns
Columbia: 45932
recordMP3.gif When the Roses Bloom (1916) L. Reichardt Grace Kerns Columbia: 46711
recordMP3.gif Stabat mater - Quis est homo (1911) G. Rossini Grace Kerns
Margaret Keyes
Columbia: 30739
recordMP3.gif Our Star (1916) A. Rubinstein Grace Kerns
Reed Miller
Columbia: 47126
recordMP3.gif Chinatown, My Chinatown (1914) J. Schwartz Grace Kerns
John Barnes Wells
Columbia: 39592
recordMP3.gif Loreley, The (1913) F. Silcher Clara Moister
Grace Kerns
Beulah Gaylord Young
Columbia: 38573
recordMP3.gif O That We Two Were Maying (1913) A.M. Smith Grace Kerns
Craig Campbell
Columbia: 38847
recordMP3.gif Poor Wandering One (1912) A. Sullivan Grace Kerns Columbia: 38125
recordMP3.gif Huntingtower (1914) Traditional Grace Kerns
Harry McClaskey
H. Burr
Columbia: 37108
recordMP3.gif O Thou Queen of Love and Beauty (1914) G. Verdi Grace Kerns
Mildred Potter
Columbia: 36853
recordMP3.gif Song of Songs, The (1914) H. Vicars Grace Kerns Columbia: 37080
recordMP3.gif Carmeña (1913) H.L. Wilson Grace Kerns
Mildred Potter
Craig Campbell
Frank Croxton
Columbia: 36531
recordMP3.gif  Stars of the Summer Night (1913) I. Woodbury Grace Kerns
Clara Moister
Beulah Gaylord Young
Columbia: 38574
recordMP3.gif Violets (1915) E. Wright Grace Kerns Columbia: 45847
The peformer is featured on 35 sheet music/recording covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
     Title Composer Attribution Items
perf15.jpg Danube River (1913), The Hamilton Aïdé(w&m)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls (1909) Michael William Balfe Alfred Bunn (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg I Live and Love Thee (1915) F. Campana  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Venus Waltz (1912), The Ivan Caryll C.M.S. McLellan (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Just Because It's You! (1913) Ivan Caryll  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Ring Out, Wild Bells (1915) Fryderyk F. Chopin  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Martha (1847) Friedrich von Flotow  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Bonnie Sweet Bessie the Maid O' Dundee (1875) James L. Gilbert Arabella Root (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Sing, Smile, Slumber (?) Charles Gounod  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg When You're Away (1914) Victor Herbert Henry Blossom (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg  When Cupid Calls (1915) Victor Jacobi H.B. Smith (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg I Love You Truly (1906) Carrie Jacobs-Bond(w&m)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Love's Own Sweet Song (1912) Emmerich Kálmán C. C. S Cushing (words)
E. P. Heath (words)
perf15.jpg Love Has Wings (1914) Emmerich Kálmán C.C.S. Cushing (words)
E.P. Heath (words)
perf15.jpg Some Sort of Somebody (1915) Jerome Kern Elsie Janis (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg My Faith Looks Up to Thee (1916) Franz Lachner  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Estudiantina (1915) Paul, Lacombe Frances Elliot (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Go, Pretty Rose (1913) Théophilus Marzials Mike Beverly (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Dear Heart (?) Tito Mattei C. Clifton Bingham (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Blue Alsatian Mountains (187-), The Michael Maybrick Claribel (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast (?) Felix Mendelssohn Robert Burns (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg  Last Rose of Summer (n.d.), The T. Moore  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg When the Roses Bloom (1915) Luise Reichardt(w&m)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Stabat mater - Quis est homo (1911) Gioacchino Rossini  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Our Star (1916) Anton Rubinstein(w&m)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Chinatown, My Chinatown (1910) Jean Schwartz William Jerome (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Loreley (1838), The Friedrich Silcher Heinrich Heine (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg O That We Two Were Maying (1908) Alice Mary Smith Chas. Kingsley (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Poor Wandering One (1881) Arthur Sullivan W.S. Gilbert (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Huntingtower (1914) Traditional(w&m)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg O Thou Queen of Love and Beauty (1914) Giuseppe Verdi  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Song of Songs (1914), The Harold Vicars Clarence Lucas (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg  Carmeña (1898) H. Lane Wilson Ellis Walton (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Stars of the Summer Night (1913) Isaac Baker Woodbury Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Violets (1900) Ellen Wright Heinrich Heine (words)
Julian Fane (words)