Wireless Rag (1909)
Last updated: 16.11.19
Composer: A. Shepherd Suppliers:  
Editor: Stan Davis Quartet D/A/T/B
Publisher: Arcadian Press Publication: AP 031
Wireless Rag is one of five works which I purchased for use with the Bremen Recorder Touring Company in April 2000. According to the ARCADIAN PRESS notes, this rag, Adaline Shepherd's second rag, never attained the notoriety or popularity of her first rag Wireless Rag (1909). This rag features four different sections with written-out variations of "A" leaving only the "B" strain specified for an exact repeat. The complete form is: Introduction A A1 B B C D. Published by: The Standard Music Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois.
We have yet to play it, please watch this space for further commentary!
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youtube15.jpg Wireless Rag (2:02) Ragtime Dorian Henry