Pickles and Peppers (1906)
Last updated: 16.11.19
Composer: A. Shepherd Suppliers:  
Editor: Stan Davis Quartet S+D/A/T/B
Publisher: Arcadian Press Publication: AP 030
Pickles and Peppers, A Rag Oddity, March and Two-Step is one of five works which I purchased for use with the Bremen Recorder Touring Company in April 2000. According to the ARCADIAN PRESS notes, this rag became so popular that it was used in the 1908 presidential campaign of William Jennings Bryant. It sold 200,00 copies in that one year alone and continued to sell through 1913. It has been noted that, perhaps, the key to the rag's success is its development C to C1 idea which "turns a straight cake-walk theme into stomping syncopation." The structural design for "Pickles and Pepper" is: Introduction A A B B C Interlude C1 Interlude C1. "Pickles and Peppers " was published by Joseph Flanner, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
We have yet to play it, please watch this space for further commentary!
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Pickles and Peppers (3:12) Ragtime Dorian Henry