Gloria (Fom Missa Mi-Mi)
Last updated: 11.10.21
Composer: J. de Ockeghem Suppliers: dbe15.gif
Editor: Geoff Grainger Quartet A/T/T/B
Publisher: Ditty Box Enterprises Publication: DBE 064
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Purchasing information Notice for leaders/bass players
Length: approx. 5 minutes. When playing this work it is essential to break the mind-set involving barlines. Whilst time signatures of 3/2 and 4/4 are given, close inspection reveals that the bars often contain unequal quantities of notes. Modern notation overcomes this difficulty by combining notes from one bar to the next. The players have to be mindful that they perform their melodic lines without regard to a "beat". In engineering terms, the lines swing in and out of phase with all parts coming into synchronisation unpredictably at "nodes" which may any number of bars apart. This arrangement has been laid out such that each system ends at a "node" thus accounting for the fact that some systems are very cramped or widely spaced. This also explains why loose scores instead of parts are supplied with this work, bar numbers are meaningless.
So to all newcomers to the music of this period, forget the tyrannies of counting-the-beat, enjoy your melodic lines and more so enjoy the wonderful world of Jean de Ockeghem.