Last updated: 11.10.23
Composer: J. Pachelbel Suppliers:    
Editor: Alex Ayre Quartet A/A/A/B
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Ltd Publication: IMP 1406
I had heard about a recorder version of this world famous canon but did not finally track it down whilst I was on holiday in Yorkshire in 1984. It was in the Quartettino repertoire who played it quite well. It was often played by Blue Monday with much enthusiasm but with little success. The problem was that there were never three competent treble players simultaneously in the group. This is of absolute necessity because the the melody crescendoes to a high F which has to be played extremely senstively. There is also a prolonged triller which acts as a sort of audible lighthouse. A lovely piece in the hands of good players on good instruments.
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youtube15.jpg Canon for 4 recorders (AAAB) (3:51) Orlan Charles J. Pachelbel