Ragtime Dance
Last updated: 02.04.20
Composer: S. Joplin Suppliers:  
Editor: Christa Sokoll Quartet D/A/T/B
Publisher: Otto Heinrich Noetzel Verlag Publication: Noetzel N 3508
Ragtime Dance was the source of much laughter in the Blue Monday and Blue Tuesday consorts during rehearsals. What with the repeats and pauses and harmonic runs over a complete octave there was plenty of opportunity to make a fool of oneself. As a bass player, I found Ragtime Dance especially demanding as the last bars from 56 had to be performed meticulously in order not to spoil the super ending. Tenor players are made demands upon in that the are suddenly in the limelight having to play a descending harmonic run over an octave as a solo. If one can find two trebles (for a few divisi) then so much the better, they too have their work cut out playing in close harmony with the descant.
At an unforgettable performance at KITO Vegesack on 24th May 1998, our audience were also in gales of laughter because some impatient members of the audience would insist on clapping (excusably) in the somewhat over-drawn-out pauses. The players became more ragged and the pauses even longer causing much humorous confusion.
This version may be found in Scott Joplin Ragtimes.
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