Scott Joplin Ragtimes
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1988 Author: Scott Joplin
Edited by Christa Sokoll
Publisher: Otto Heinrich Noetzel Verlag ISBN:  
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This is a much loved, by me, folio of four ragtimes namely, the world-famous The Entertainer, New Rag, Ragtime Dance and Fig Leaf Rag. Each one is better than the last and each has been at one time my favourite.
I first played The Entertainer with Frau Suhrlie and The Vegesack Double Quartet way back in the early eighties. The others much later with Blue Monday and Blue Tuesday just a few years back. I have fond memories of playing these delightful pieces in Peter Krügers Gallery, Zeichnung and Malerie, Vegesack.