Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: J.M. Hotteterre Suppliers: smp_unav15.gif  
Editor: Walter Bergmann Solo A
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. Publication: Schott RMS 110
"Echos" by Jacques Hotteterre [le Romain] was amongst the first purchases that I made whilst still a young Petty Officer on H.M.S. Victorious in April 1965. I quickly put it away as being unplayable (at that time I had already given up learning the treble) and it was banished to my ditty box. Although I catalogued it some 15 years later I never attempted to play it. That has been the state of play ever since.
Only at this moment (10:42 on Monday, 21st February 2000), in writing this anecdote, have I once again re-opened its yellowed cover. Well, it is still pretty black with more mordents and shakes than a zebra has stripes but I'm tempted to take up its challenge. This time it will spend a few weeks on my music stand (Notenstand, pupitre), at least it will impress my visitors! Please stay tuned to this exciting anecdote.
The piece has two movements, an Adagio and an Allegro. As the title suggests, it alternates between f and p . The mordents and shakes are written out in full by Walter Bergmann and is very instructive in getting to grips with the baroque ornamentation.
I am sure that "Echos" would sound quite pretty if played with a flute, the dynamics would also be somewhat easier to accomplish.