Walter Bergmann
Last updated: 29.08.20
rpbergmann2.jpgThis photo of Walter Bergmann, taken from Musician for a While, was kindly provided by Nicholas S. Lander by E-mail on 6th March 2003. It replaces the jolly photo of Dr. Wesley M. Oler , inexpertly scanned from a November 1966 issue of the "Recorder and Music Magazine", which for years I had believed it to be that of the good doctor himself.
The magazine mentioned above has an interesting letter by Walter Bergmann on a supposed painting of Johann Christian Schickhardt holding a Bressan recorder and an erudite essay on the question Is the piano obsolete?. His name crops up throughout the issue and interestingly as performer; also accompanying Elly Baghuis on harpsichord at a concert advertised for 28.01.1967 in Wigmore Hall, London.
For his activities as an arranger of recorder music, please click here.
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