A Grieg Suite
Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: E.H. Grieg Suppliers:  
Editor: Watson Forbes Solo D/Piano
Publisher: Oxford University Press Publication: OUP
This is one of the very early pieces I acquired in the late 1960's. It has six items: "The Traveller's Song" (Op. 17, No. 13), "In My Native Country" (Op. 43, No. 3), "Waltz" (Op. 12, No. 2), "The Cowherd's Tune" (Op. 17, No. 22), "Arietta" and "Norwegian Daces" (from Op. 35). These are all short items well within the scope of a beginner. The piano accompaniment is also quite straightforward.
Although I played it quite a lot for my own enjoyment at the time of purchase (the Norwegian Dances was a special favourite) it has remained some 30 years, banished and yellowing in my files until writing this anecdote today (20.09.00). I think I will leave on my "Notenstand" for a few weeks and seek inspiration from it.