The Recorder Magazine
Last updated: 30.10.19
Address: Hebden Bridge HX7 5JS, England

The Recorder Magazine has 10 publications posted in these webpages. They include 10 items of recorder music in my own library.
     Title Composer Instruments Remarks
sm15.gif Carolyn (2010) Dietrich Schnabel D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Divertissement (2010) Gwilym Beechey D/A/T
sm15.gif English Waltz (2009) Nicholas Wynne D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Fancy (2010), A Gwilym Beechey D/A/T
sm15.gif Gentle Voyager (2011) Chris Brown D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Happy Birthday SRP! (2012) Margaret Hall D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Jennifer (2010) Dietrich Schnabel D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Klezmer Quartet (2009) Andrew Melville D/A/T/B
sm15.gif On the Road (2009) Judith Bush D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Two Easy Consorts Jeremiah Clarke D/A/T/B