Happy Birthday SRP! (2012)
Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: M. Hall Suppliers:  
Editor: Quartet D/A/T/B
Publisher: The Recorder Magazine Publication: ISSN 0961 3544 Summer 2012
This piece was composed in 2012 by Margaret Hall who in this publication wrote:
"This piece was written at the request of the SRP committee, who wanted a celebratory piece to mark the 75th birthday of the society. One idea was to refer to the number 75 by having alternate 7/8 and 5/8 bars, which was an interesting challenge. However, of the two pieces I wrote, this jazzy one in 4/4 received the unanimous acclaim of my fellow players. I hope you will enjoy it too."
Indeed we do!!
The composer, Margery Hall, has generously permitted this piece to be freely photocopied and performed.